EU cookie consent law

EU cookie law package offered by twosixtwo

We offer three components:

1)     A Privacy Policy page explaining the cookies your site uses and linking to more information about cookies.

2)     A consent mechanism which alerts visitors on arrival, allows them to agree or disagree to your site cookies, and links to your Privacy page.

3)    A full independent audit of your site identifying all the cookies your site uses, with the results added to your Privacy page. This report can be shown to the Information Commissioners Office in the event of your site being investigated by them, it also provides a certificate which can be displayed on your website.

Most commentators agree these 3 steps  achieve the best chance of compliance. Econsultancy, a major resource for digital marketers, says:

“[if a site has] carried out cookie audits, informed users about the information that the site uses, added clear links to cookie policies, and has some kind of consent mechanism, – then this must at least put [it] well down the list for enforcement action.”

Alternatively we can look at removing all cookies from your site. In order to do this we will carry out a cookie audit to identify your cookies. We’ll then report on the likely consequence of their removal.

Take action now

The first protection against legal action is to take some action. The Privacy policy page is the absolute minimum we recommend. You can do this yourself,  there are now plenty of suggested wordings available.  Alternatively we can provide a text for you, and also make the page and put it into your website. If all you do is provide a Privacy Policy page we strongly recommend you signpost this page clearly and visibly on your Home Page.

The consent mechanism goes further, as the law requires that visitors must have the opportunity to consent to cookies. We can add software that carries out this function and links to your Privacy page.

The  full cookie audit gives visitors full information about your site’s cookies, going furthest to meet the requirement of ‘informed consent’.


For WordPress sites;

1)     The  Privacy policy page text is £15

2)     To set up your Privacy Policy page, with text, is £35

3)     The consent feature is £35

4)     The cookie audit is £35

5)     Full package If you buy steps 2-4 as a package the cost is £85

For our clients who use Breezebox the costs are the same, except for the consent feature which, due to the complexity of Breezebox sites, will cost £70. The full package is £120.

For sites that use neither Breezebox nor WordPress prices are the same expect for the consent feature and the full package which we will have to quote for.

Why are we charging? I’m sorry to have to charge, after all it’s not your fault, but neither is it ours and it takes time for us to do the work. I can assure you we’ve done everything we can to keep the costs as low as possible.

Further information:

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) are responsible for enforcing the law and have issued guidance:

The International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) have also issued guidance:

*This website, recommended by the ICO, holds some good information about cookies:

We cannot guarantee that anything we do on your behalf, or any advice of ours that you follow, will ensure your compliance with this law nor protect you from prosecution. We suggest you consult a suitably qualified solicitor.