Ellison Roberts travel experts

Ellison Roberts

Experts in luxury travel to the Indian sub continent and beyond

Keeping ahead of the competition

Ellison Roberts needed a total site redevelopment. In the highly competitive sector of luxury travel it is essential to continually benchmark your marketing position against key competitors and ensure your brand is optimally placed.

WordPress as a powerful platform

Their new site is redeveloped entirely on WordPress, a very flexible and cost effective platform that allows SME’s to punch above their weight and compete with much bigger players.

Maintaining good Search Engine Rankings with a redeveloped site

This is a very big site with many pages of content and we needed to take great care to ensure we lost none of the good rankings the previous site achieved in Google and other search engines. We worked out a very careful strategy to ensure the best possible results, which included drawing up an exhaustive map of key pages on the previous site and setting up powerful WordPress plugins to manage redirects.

“It has taken a year and the last few months have been very hard work, ┬ábut I think we finally have a site that presents who we are, what we know and what we do in the best possible light , and one that we can continue to improve , expand and update in the months to come.”

Steve Relf, Director, Ellison Roberts