Online marketing & communications

web marketing for solicitorsAdam Law Solicitors came to us with a website that looked quite good but was simply not delivering the enquiries they require. It was a typical example of design over function, and clearly didn’t understand about legal marketing.

We worked with them to re-vitalise their online marketing so that we have tripled site visits in one year. We re-worked everything, starting with the most urgent – the content. We then went on to develop their facebook marketing so that it now generates over 15% of new visits, and developed their mobile platform so that it now accounts for 40% of visits.

Budget is always a challenge so we agreed a manageable monthly figure and have worked our way steadily through the issues, turning a website that looked kind-of -alright into a lead generating tool that works as part of a full online marketing strategy.

Now we’ve finally arrived at the point where it’s time to re-design the website, something that many web design companies would have started and finished with, but this was actually a relatively low priority when placed in the strategic plan for generating business.

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